Python. time exceeded

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    class Solution(object):
        def reverseString(self, s):
            for i in range(len(s)-1,-1,-1):
            return str

    I get the time limit exceeded error. Not sure how/why!

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    Because you're using a loop when it's not necessary.
    I'll give you a gooood hint: try slicing instead!

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    but why the loop solution is considered TLE? or why the slicing solution is faster? because the implementation of python interpreter does optimization for slicing?

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    I think appending operation is slow, putting it in a loop is even slower.
    In java, if you do things like this, you will end up creating new String over and over again as String is a immutable type. A StringBuilder will be much faster since it's mutable.
    There is no such thing like StringBuilder in Python, but I think String in Python is also immutable, so appending it is also as slow as doing so in Java

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    @billcode That is true. I converted the string to a list and did in-place reversal then converted it back. It was accepted.

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    Because if you do str = str + s[i], each time str grows length 1, python and most other programming languages will make a new string by copying the old string, which is certainly not necessary. Instead if you read something about Java StringBuilder, you can adopt the same idea in python.

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