Simplest C++ solution maybe?

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    class Solution {
        bool isPowerOfFour(int num) {
            return !(num & (num - 1)) && (num & 0x55555555);

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    Impressive! Could you please explain how this works? Thank you :)

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    (num & (num - 1)) ensures that binary form of num is start with 1 and only 1, like 0x100...000, (num & 0x55555555) ensures that the 1 bit is in position of power four, which can exclude 0x10, 0x1000, 0x100000, reserve 0x1, 0x100 and so on.

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    My idea is the same as yours. Your code is more efficient when judging whether the given num is the power of 2 but I don't think this is a general algorithm for identifying if a number is the power of another given number..

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    I agree, but the problem was to find power of 4. Notice that when you're writing a general isPowerOf(num, exp) you can use these specialized solutions to speed up calculations in case it's needed.

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