My simple C++ solution (8ms accepted)

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    Here's my C++ code. Took 8ms to pass. The idea is simple. First think about how we do in-order linked list reversal. We just need to be careful how we deal with rewiring the pointer when the counter hits n. I use a variable called "leftend" to rewire the pointers. I'd appreciate any feedbacks on my implementation.

    class Solution {
        ListNode *reverseBetween(ListNode *head, int m, int n) {
            if (head->next==NULL) return head;
            int counter = 0;
            ListNode* dummy = new ListNode(-1);
            dummy->next = head;
            ListNode* prev = NULL, *cur  = NULL, *next = NULL, *leftend = NULL, *oldhead = head;
            cur = dummy;
            while (counter <= n){
                if (counter >= m+1 && counter <= n){
                    next = cur->next;
                    cur->next = prev;
                    prev = cur;
                    cur  = next;
                } else {
                    if (counter == m-1) leftend = cur;
                    prev = cur;
                    cur  = cur->next;
            if (n>m){
                leftend->next->next = cur;
                leftend->next = prev;
            if (m==1) return leftend->next;
            return oldhead;

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    8ms?Are you sure? My subbmission with your code costs 40ms. And my AC solution is like yours using
    "new" which cost much time.

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