Simple solution using left outer join

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    select Person.FirstName, Person.LastName, Address.City, Address.State 
    from Person left outer join Address 
    on Person.PersonId = Address.PersonId;

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    I use " select FirstName, LastName, City, State from Person left join Address on Person.PersonId = Address.PersonId; " accepted.

    “outer join” include" right join‘ and" left join" ?

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    you can ommit outer ,just left join,the expression left outer join == left join

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    @CheukyinYip but how to deal the repeated rows cuz there is the chance to have duplicate rows

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    @jeffrey.zhang.7921 FULL JOIN / FULL OUTER JOIN / OUTER JOIN : returns rows when there is a match in one of the tables. ... Note that the OUTER keyword is optional for LEFT/RIGHT JOIN. LEFT and RIGHT joins are both outer joins. I believe there are some flavors of SQL that may require the OUTER keyword, but MySQL does not

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