Fastest O(n) solution

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    The path has to keep spiralling outwards, if not, it will have to spiral inwards to prevent crossing itself.

    class Solution {
        bool isSpiralIn(vector<int>& x, int startIdx){
            for (int i=startIdx; i<x.size();i++){
                if(x[i] >= x[i-2]) return false;
            return true;
        bool isSelfCrossing(vector<int>& x) {
            if (x.size() <= 3) return false;
            if (x[2] <= x[0]) return !isSpiralIn(x,3);
            if (x[3] < x[1]) {return !isSpiralIn(x,4);}
            if (x[3] == x[1]) {x[2] -=x[0];return !isSpiralIn(x,4);}
            int i;
            for (i=4; i<x.size() && x[i] >= x[i-2];i++){                
            if (i < x.size() && x[i] >= x[i-2] - x[i-4]){
                x[i-1] -= x[i-3];
            return !isSpiralIn(x,i+1);

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