Can anyone tell me where is my mistake? - Iterative solution in Java using two Linked Lists

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    I wanted to solve the problem iteratively in Java. To do so, I am using two linked lists - one for the current level and one for the next level. I also keep track of the current level. Below is my program with the coments, if there is anything unclear please tell me.

     public List<List<Integer>> zigzagLevelOrder(TreeNode root) {
            List<List<Integer>> res = new LinkedList<List<Integer>>();
            if(root == null)    return res;
            List<TreeNode> curr = new LinkedList<TreeNode>();
            int level = 0;
                LinkedList<TreeNode> next = new LinkedList<TreeNode>(); //now next level is empty
                LinkedList<Integer> toAdd = new LinkedList<Integer>();  //linked list of the intereg values
                for(TreeNode node : curr){  //iterate throw the linked list of nodes in the current level
                    if(level%2 == 0){   //if I am at even level, then add first right child, then left child
                        if(node.right != null)  next.add(node.right);
                        if(node.left != null)   next.add(node.left);
                    else{   //if I am at odd level, then add first left child, then right child
                        if(node.left != null)   next.add(node.left);
                        if(node.right != null)  next.add(node.right);
                level++;    //increment level
                res.add(new LinkedList<Integer>(toAdd));    //add current level
                curr = next;    //current level now points to the next level
            return res;

    I received thew Wrong Answer:

    Input: {1,2,3,4,#,#,5}

    Output: [[1],[3,2],[5,4]]

    Expected: [[1],[3,2],[4,5]]

    I don't see where is the problem in my logic?

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    Apparently, you flipped the order of inserting left and right nodes to the next level, but you should note that you visit all current nodes always in left-to-right order. So, flipping the order of their children will not reverse the order of whole next level.
    For example, in the wrong case you gave, queue level 2 = [3,2], then you add 3's children into the next list first. However, what is expected is that you add 2's children before 3's.
    So my suggestion is: instead of periodically reverse the order of inserting left-right nodes, you reverse the order of inserting current node into the next level. That should fix it.

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