An intuitive solution in C, accepted as best O(n) time complexity

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    //AC - 0ms;
    int minSubArrayLen(int s, int* nums, int size)
        int l=0, r=0; //l pointing to the first element of the subarray while the r pointing to the next element;
        int sum = 0;
        while(r < size) //initialize the l and r pointers;
            sum += nums[r++];
            if(sum >= s) break;
        if(sum < s) return 0; //there is no such sum that can be equal to or greater than s;
        int min = r-l;
        while(r <=size)
            if(r < size) sum += nums[r++];
            while(sum-nums[l]>=s && l<r)  sum -= nums[l++];
            if(sum < s) sum += nums[--l]; //only when the current sum is less, add the last left-most element to ensure its validity;
            if(r-l < min) min = r-l;
            if(r == size) return min;

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