Question: [1] tail connects to node index 0 (C++)

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    I wanted to try the solution of marked method, but I got stuck in this test case:

    tail connects to node index 0
    no cycle
    tail connects to node index 0

    I couldn't figure out what happened.
    Could anyone help me to clear my blindspot ?

    thank you

    My solution:

      ListNode *detectCycle(ListNode *head) {
            vector<ListNode*> check;
            if (!head || !head->next) return NULL;
            while (!head) {
                if (find(check.begin(), check.end(), head) != check.end()) {
                    return head;
                // Move to next
                if (!head->next) {
                    head = head->next;// point to next one
            return NULL;

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    i think you can quit if input is [1]
    head->next is NULL for [1].

    the problem is that your while loop condition is wrong.

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    Oh my god, I think that's a stupid mistake!
    Thank you point out my blind spot!

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