How to address the annoying Input:" " Output:" " Expected: "" error?

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    class Solution {
    public:string reverseWords(string &s) {
        const char* str = s.c_str();
        char* p;
        vector<string> components;
        string result="";
        p = strtok((char*)str, " ");
        if(p == NULL) return result;
        while(p != NULL){
            p = strtok(NULL, " ");
        int size = components.size();
        for(int i = size - 1; i > 0; i--)
            result = result + components[i] + " ";
        result += components[0];    
        return result;

    The above is my code, I am encountered with the following annoying error:

    Submission Result: Wrong Answer

    Input: " "

    Output: " "


    Actually my program really returns "" when the input is " ", rather than " ". Please give me a hand to address this error. You help are very much appreciated!

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    first,you should delete the spaces at the begin or at the end of the string,
    and then you should erase the redundant spaces in the string.
    for an example a string like "\040\040aa\040\040bb\040cc\040\040"
    convert to "aa\040bb\040cc"
    "\040" -> ""
    \040 means space
    this is the way i solve the problem and I hope it may help you

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    If you have read my code, you would find that I convert the C++ string into c style string, and then invoke strtok(), which helps to remove all the redundant spaces...

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