"Dog" Test Case Wrong?

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    This should return [true, true, true, true, true]. I don't understand why it will be [false, false, false,true,true]

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    d1g exists but dig/dug are not in the dictionary, so it returns false.

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    But in the example it says:

    Given dictionary = [ "deer", "door", "cake", "card" ]
    isUnique("dear") -> false
    isUnique("cart") -> true
    isUnique("cane") -> false
    isUnique("make") -> true

    "make" is not in the given dictionary but it returns true.

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    Based on the given example, I think the test case is right. But description should be more detailed. Take a look at case isUnique("cane") -> false, it keeps same abbr with cake but the result is false. I seems that if current word has the same abbr with some word in dict, they should be same word.

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