Short C++ solution using only O(k) extra space

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    Starting with empty array. Because row i + 1 is longer than row i by 1, and the last number in each row is always 1.

    So suppose we are just done with row i, when when proceed with row i + 1:

    1. We need to push a "1" to the current array first we have (with row i's result),

    2. Then update index 1 through i. Observing that first number of array always will be 1 too, which doesn't need to be updated since we already did that when we deal with row 0 (last and first index are both 0 for row 0).

      class Solution {
      vector<vector<int>> generate(int numRows) {
      vector<vector<int>> result;

           vector<int> row;
           for(int i = 0; i < numRows; i++){
               for(int j = i - 1; j > 0; j--){
                   row[j] = row[j - 1] + row[j];
           return result;


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    @Ximin-Z it is an really interesting idea just using one vector, thanks for your idea

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