Why leetcode said my output is different with expected output

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    After I submit my code, I got this error:

    Submission Result: Wrong Answer

    Input: " 1"
    Output: "1"
    Expected: "1"

    clearly I can't tell the difference between Output and Expected. Can anyone help me? thanks.

    Here is my code :

    #include <string> 
    using namespace std;
    class Solution {
    void reverseWords(string &s) {
      size_t n = s.size(); 
      //empty string, return directly 
      if (n==0)
      int c_begin, c_end, c_ptr, p_ptr=n; //index of starting/ending point for copy/paste 
      char * ss = new char[n+1]; //create another string for saving space, add 1 space for convenience  
      //find word and copy in reverse order 
      for(c_begin=0; c_begin<n; c_begin++){
    //find starting point 
    while(s[c_begin]==' ' && c_begin<n)
    if (c_begin==n) //no more words to read, stop searching words 
    //find ending point 
    c_end = c_begin+1;  
    while(s[c_end]!=' ' && c_end<n)
    //add space for previous word, if p_ptr==n, then no previous word
    if (p_ptr<n) {
      ss[p_ptr] = ' ';
    //copy to string ss 
    for(c_ptr = c_end; c_ptr>c_begin;){
      ss[p_ptr--] = s[--c_ptr]; 
    c_begin = c_end + 1; //since s[c_end] is ' ', we can skip it  
      //all characters are spaces, i.e. no word is written to ss
      if (p_ptr==n){
    s.erase(s.begin(), s.end()); //delete all ' 's
      //copy chars from ss to s
      for (c_ptr=0; p_ptr<(n+1); )
    s[c_ptr++] = ss[++p_ptr]; 
      //if c_ptr
      if (c_ptr<n)
    s.erase(c_ptr, n-c_ptr); 
      delete[] ss; 


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