Unable to find the mistake in below code

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    Below is my solution

    public class Solution 
        public int trailingZeroes(int n) 
            int count  = 0;
            int val = 5;
                count += n/(val);
                val *= 5;
            return count;

    Above solution is failing for input n = 2147483647

    Another solution I found on discussion forum
    it is getting accepted. I am unable to get where is solution wrong.Please point it out.

    public int trailingZeroes(int n) {
          int sum = 0;
          int count = 1;
              sum = sum + n/(int)Math.pow(5,count);
              count = count+1;
          return sum;

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    I guess this is due to integer flow out. val will be larger than the max value of integer. Depend on the platform, the loop may be endless.

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