Simple Java solution

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    public class Solution {

    public int computeArea(int A, int B, int C, int D, int E, int F, int G, int H) {
        int rec1=0,rec2=0,rec3=0,exist1=1,exist2=1;
        if(C>A&&D>B) rec1=(C-A)*(D-B);
        else exist1=0;
        if(G>E&&H>F) rec2=(G-E)*(H-F);
        else exist2=0;
        if(exist1==1&&exist2==1) {
            if(E>C||F>D||A>G||B>H) rec3=0; 
            else rec3=(Math.min(C,G)-Math.max(A,E))*(Math.min(D,H)-Math.max(B,F));
        return rec1+rec2-rec3;


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