Is there any question about graph visit?

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    I using python finished this problem. but i don't think this problem about any graph.
    below is my solution.

    class Solution(object):
    def canFinish(self, numCourses, prerequisites):
        :type numCourses: int
        :type prerequisites: List[List[int]]
        :rtype: bool
        self.nodepCourses = []
        self.prerequisites = prerequisites
        for num in xrange(numCourses):
            self.loopList = []
            if self.isCourseCycle(num) == True:
                return False
        return True
    def isCourseCycle(self, num):
        if num in self.nodepCourses:
            return False
        if num in self.loopList:
            return True
        for pre in self.prerequisites:
            if num == pre[0]:
                ret =  self.isCourseCycle(pre[1])
                if ret == True:
                    return True
        return False

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