Easy understanding C++ solution, using unordered_map and list

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    Basically, the idea is to keep a cache using list, and keep a mapping between key and cache node's address (or you can say it's position). When a cache node is accessed, no matter whether it is an old node or newly inserted, update the mapped position of the accessed cache node to the first position in the list.

    struct Cache {
        int _key;
        int _value;
        Cache(int key = 0, int value = 0) {
            _key = key;
            _value = value;
    class LRUCache{
        list<Cache> cache;
        unordered_map<int, list<Cache>::iterator> posMap;
        int _capacity;
        LRUCache(int capacity) {
            _capacity = capacity;
        int get(int key) {
            if (posMap.find(key) == posMap.end()) return -1;
            //find the position of key
            auto it = posMap[key];
            //move the founded cache value to the front
            //delete the duplicate copy at the original position
            //update the posMap of key to new position: begin()
            posMap[key] = cache.begin();
            return posMap[key]->_value;
        void set(int key, int value) {
            //if cannot find the new key in the cache, need to insert it
            //only in this case delete is needed, when cache size is larger than capacity
            //else just update the value and update the cache key position to the front
            if (posMap.find(key) == posMap.end()) {
                //insert the new cache value to the front
                cache.push_front(Cache(key, value));
                posMap[key] = cache.begin();
                //if size larger than capacity, delete the last value
                if (cache.size() > _capacity) {
                    //delete the last elements' iterator in map, and delete the last element
                    Cache lastNode = cache.back();
            } else {
                //find the position of the key, update value and update pos to begin()
                auto it = posMap[key];
                it->_value = value;
                posMap[key] = cache.begin();

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