Python 2-BFS(easy to read)

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    from collections import deque
    from itertools import izip
    class Solution(object):
    def search_deeper(self, beginWords, wordList, visited):
    	ans = set()
    	for word in beginWords:
    		for i in xrange(len(word)):
    			for char in self.chars:
    				_word = word[:i] + char + word[i+1:] 
    				if _word not in visited and _word in wordList:
    	return ans
    def ladderLength(self, beginWord, endWord, wordList):
    	:type beginWord: str
    	:type endWord: str
    	:type wordList: Set[str]
    	:rtype: int
    	if beginWord == endWord:
    		return 1
    	self.chars = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
    	words1, words2 = set([beginWord]), set([endWord])
    	visited1, visited2 = words1, words2
    	depth1, depth2 = 1, 1
    	while True:
    		words1 = self.search_deeper(words1, wordList, visited1)
    		depth1 += 1
    		if words1 & words2:
    			return depth1 + depth2 -1
    		visited1 |= words1
    		words2 = self.search_deeper(words2, wordList, visited2)
    		depth2 += 1
    		if words1 & words2:
    			return depth1 + depth2 -1
    		visited2 |= words2
    		if not words1 and not words2:
    			return 0

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