*Actually* Simple Java Solution

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    The trick is not to think of the matrix as a series of layers to be traversed. That works, but it's harder, cognitively speaking. Keeping nStart and nEnd lets you imagine yourself pinching off individual rows and columns one at a time. You iterate over that nx1 or 1xn array, then put it back.

     public class Solution {
        public int[][] generateMatrix(int n) {
            int[][] matrix = new int[n][n];
            int nStart = 0;
            int nEnd = n;
            int counter = 1;
            while (nStart < nEnd){
                for(int i =nStart; i < nEnd; i++) matrix[nStart][i] = counter++;            //Right
                for(int i = nStart + 1; i < nEnd; i++) matrix[i][nEnd - 1] = counter++; //Down
                for(int i = nEnd - 2; i >= nStart; i--) matrix[nEnd - 1][i] = counter++; //Left
                for(int i = nEnd - 2; i > nStart; i--) matrix[i][nStart] = counter++;        //Up
             return matrix;

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