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    f1(node) be the value of maximum money we can rob from the subtree with node as root ( we can rob node if necessary).

    f2(node) be the value of maximum money we can rob from the subtree with node as root but without robbing node.

    Then we have

    f2(node) = f1(node.left) + f1(node.right) and

    f1(node) = max( f2(node.left)+f2(node.right)+node.value, f2(node) ).


    class Solution {
        int rob(TreeNode* root) {
            return robDFS(root).second;
        pair<int, int> robDFS(TreeNode* node){
            if( !node) return make_pair(0,0);
            auto l = robDFS(node->left);
            auto r = robDFS(node->right);
            int f2 = l.second + r.second;
            int f1 = max(f2, l.first + r.first + node->val);
            return make_pair(f2, f1);


    public class Solution {
        public int rob(TreeNode root) {
            return robDFS(root)[1];
        int[] robDFS(TreeNode node){
            int [] res = new int[2];
            if(node==null) return res;
            int [] l = robDFS(node.left);
            int [] r = robDFS(node.right);
            res[0] = l[1] + r[1];
            res[1] = Math.max(res[0], l[0] + r[0] + node.val);
            return res;


    class Solution(object):
        def rob(self, root):
            return self.robDFS(root)[1];
        def robDFS(self,node):
            if node is None:
                return (0,0)
            l = self.robDFS(node.left)
            r = self.robDFS(node.right)
            return (l[1] + r[1], max(l[1] + r[1], l[0] + r[0] + node.val))

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    Using DFS is quite easy, but is it possible to use BFS to solve this problem ?

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    Elegant solution.

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    Just as easy as DFS. Just keep the larger of the sums of even and odd rows.

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    Will not work that way when sum of your odd row with an even row which are not immediately connected becomes maximum.

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    yeah you're right it will not work.

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    Awesome Python solution!

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    The key point is return two parameters with DFS. For each node: its either you rob it or not; if you rob it, you can't rob its left or right. It is similar to this one: https://leetcode.com/discuss/93387/line-python-solution-return-subtree-money-node-subtree-money

    Your explanation for the algorithm is more clear but his explanation for code is more straightforward (personal opinion).

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