Question about the problem, I can't pass

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    select B.Name as Department, A.Name as Employee, A.Salary as Salary
    from Employee A join Department B
    on B.Id = A.DepartmentId
    where 2 >= (select count(distinct(C.Salary)) from Employee as C where C.DepartmentId = A.DepartmentId and C.Salary>A.Salary)
    group by B.Name order by Salary desc

    This is how I write the code, However I found that "group by B.Name order by Salary desc" makes me can't pass. But I don't know why, its and interesting question. Thanks for your help.

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    this is my thinking:
    and my qq:937184304

    Write your MySQL query statement below

    #this is my thinking(use oracle):

    first you need to count top three max salary of department sql is

    select name from employee where DepartmentId=1 and rownum<=3 order by salary desc

    so l can search the top 3 of results
    l will sort salary by big to small
    then will search sales

    select name from employee where DepartmentId = 2 and rownum<=2 order by salary desc

    then this result is 2 results of count the bigest salary of employees

    now l need to merge this two sql
    but l see other solutions is write by some variables
    l don't know why is doing by this way?
    l write 2 sql, l want to share with guys and answer this question.

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