A quasi c++ string.split function tailored for this problem

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    One step to solve this problem was to split the input string to a vector of symbols to represent each a leaf or a none-leaf.

    The more general split function in C++ by https://leetcode.com/discuss/63986/c-solution-with-implemented-split-function was like this:

    vector<string> split(string s, char delimiter) {
        vector<string> result;
        stringstream ss(s);
        string tok;
        while (getline(ss, tok, delimiter)) {
        return result;

    As far as this problem is concerned, my implementation was given below:

    vector<char> quasi_split(string& s, char delim) {
        vector<char> result;
        int sz = s.size();
        if (sz == 0)
            return result;
        for(int i = 1; i < sz; i++) {
            if (s[i] == delim)
        return result;

    Although it may improve the efficiency a little, it makes the code less readable.

    So my confusion is, which one should we encourage?

    Thank you.

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