Wrong answer.. need some explanation

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    Input: {3,5,8}
    Output: {3,3,5}
    Expected: {5,3,8}

    The code gives a wrong answer, can someone explain why?

    Thank you.

    public class Solution {
        public TreeNode sortedListToBST(ListNode head) {
                int size = countSize(head);
                TreeNode root = Convert(0,size-1,head);
    		  return root;
        public TreeNode Convert(int start, int end, ListNode node){
    			  return null;
    		  int mid = start+(end-start)/2;
    		  TreeNode left = Convert(start, mid-1, node);
    		  TreeNode root = new TreeNode(node.val);
    		  root.left = left;
    		  node = node.next;
    		  root.right = Convert(mid+1, end, node);
    		  return root;
    	  public int countSize(ListNode head){
    		  int size = 0;
    		  return size;

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