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    // Based on previous solutions, rewrite to parse faster    
    class Solution {
    // Theorem 5.1 Full Binary Tree Theorem: The number of leaves in a non-empty
    // full binary tree is one more than the number of internal nodes
    // So
    // 1. if null count < node count+1, the tree is incomplete.
    // 2. if null count > node count +1, the tree is invalid.
    // 3. if null count == node count+1, the tree is complete and can't be extended.
        bool isValidSerialization(string preorder) {
            int n=preorder.size(), nodeCount=0, nullCount=0;
            for (int i=0; i<n; ++i) {
                if (preorder[i]=='#') { 
                    if (i!=(n-1)) ++i; // skip the next ','
                } else if (preorder[i]==',') {
                    ++nodeCount;  //count numbers when see a ','  
                if ((nullCount>=nodeCount+1) && (i!=n-1)) 
                    return false;
            return nullCount==nodeCount+1;

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