Python DFS Solution

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    Inspired from here. The idea is basically DFS and pruning when the parentheses is already visited or number of invalid parentheses is less than current invalid

        def removeInvalidParentheses(self, s):
            res = []
            self.visited = set([s])
            self.dfs(s, self.invalid(s), res)
            return res
        def dfs(self, s, n, res):
            if n == 0:
            for i in range(len(s)):
                if s[i] in ('(',')'):
                    new_s = s[:i]+s[i+1:]
                    if new_s not in self.visited and self.invalid(new_s) < n:
                        self.dfs(new_s, self.invalid(new_s), res)
        def invalid(self, s):
            plus = minus = 0
            memo = {"(":1, ")":-1}
            for c in s:
                plus += memo.get(c,0)
                minus += 1 if plus < 0 else 0
                plus = max(0, plus)
            return plus + minus

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