Solution - Zero Extra Space

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    Here is how to make the constant space solution into a zero space solution. You simply treat A[0], A[1], and A[2] as the ones, twos, and threes masks. To do this, A[0] and A[1] must be preprocessed.

    public class Solution {
        public int singleNumber(int[] A) {
            if(A.length == 1) return A[0];
            // A[0] is correct to start
            // Take care of processing A[1]
            A[0] ^= A[1];
            // Set A[1] to either 0 or itself
            A[1] = (A[0]^A[1])&A[1];
            // Continue with algorithm as normal
            for(int i = 2; i < A.length; i++){
                A[1] |= A[0]&A[i];
                A[0] ^= A[i];
                A[2] = ~(A[0]&A[1]);
                A[0] &= A[2];
                A[1] &= A[2];
            return A[0];

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    How long did it took you to come up with this solution?

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    Once I had an understanding of the constant space solution, it took just a minute or two to come up with this zero space solution. Though, I now realize it's not truly zero space as I declared the variable "i". This can easily be fixed though by using A[3] as "i" after preprocessing A[3].

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    And how long did it took you to understand the constant space solution?

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