The expectation on test case 18 is wrong

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    {"headers": {"Employee": ["Id" "Name" "Salary" "DepartmentId"] "Department": ["Id" "Name"]} "rows": {"Employee": [[1 "Joe" 60000 1] [2 "Ralph" 50000 1] [3 "Joel" 60000 1] [4 "Tracy" 75000 1]] "Department": [[1 "IT"]]}}

    {"headers": ["Department", "Employee", "Salary"], "values": [["IT", "Tracy", 75000], ["IT", "Joe", 60000], ["IT", "Joel", 60000]]}

    {"headers": ["Department", "Employee", "Salary"], "values": [["IT", "Tracy", 75000], ["IT", "Joe", 60000], ["IT", "Joel", 60000], ["IT", "Ralph", 50000]]}

    The expectation is 4 rows under 'IT' department, which should be top 3. Isn't it?

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    Same happen to me
    There are four IT employee in the expected answer
    I believe this should be test case 19 BTW

    Now I get it. In this case there are two people with salary 6000 so 7500,6000,5000 count as three top salary
    No matter how many people are at each salary level.

    I guess the test case is right just they need to better explain the problem.

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    the result seemed to be changed to a wrong. Now it expect

    {"headers": ["Department", "Employee", "Salary"], "values": [["IT", "Joe", 60000], ["IT", "Tracy", 55000], ["IT", "Joel", 50000]]}

    Which I think is incorrect. Imagine if you have 4 people in the same department with the same salary; what the result should be?

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