Concise solution in C++

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    class Solution {
        ListNode *insertionSortList(ListNode *head) {
            if(head == NULL || head->next == NULL)
                return head;
            ListNode dummy(INT_MIN);
   = head;
            head = &dummy;
            ListNode *p = head->next;
            head->next = NULL;
                ListNode *nextP = p->next;
                p->next = NULL;
                ListNode *pre = head;
                while(pre->next && pre->next->val <= p->val)
                    pre = pre->next;
                p->next = pre->next;
                pre->next = p;
                p = nextP;
            return head->next;

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    Thanks for your post. However it would be better to share solution with correct code format and elaborated thoughts. Please read the Discuss FAQ for more info. Take a look at good sharing example

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