What's wrong with my python code?

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    In my code, i is the index move from low digit to higher. j is the index to digits lower than i.
    At first, it finds the index maxID with smallest value but higher than i,
    if find such maxID, then
    swap the maxID and i th data in the given list, and
    adjust the following digits to make it as small as possible
    return the list with the smallest value

    And I got the "Runtime Error Message: Line 58: TypeError: nextPermutation() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given) when Last executed input:[1]"

    I can run my code in my computer. Please help me to check my code. Thanks a lot.

    class Solution:
        # @param num, a list of integer
        # @return a list of integer
        def nextPermutation(num):
            for i in reversed(range(len(num))):
                maxID = i
                if i == len(num) - 1:
                for j in reversed(range(i+1,len(num))):
                    if maxID==i and num[maxID] < num[j]:
                        maxID = j
                    if maxID !=i and num[maxID] > num[j] and num[i] < num[j]:
                        maxID = j
                if maxID == i:
                    t = num[i]
                    num[i] = num[maxID]
                    num[maxID] = t
                    ##minimize following
                    for v in range(i+1,len(num)):
                        minID = v
                        if v == len(num)-1:
                        for u in range(v+1,len(num)):
                            if num[minID] > num[u]:
                                minID = u
                        if minID == v:
                            t = num[v]
                            num[v] = num[minID]
                            num[minID] = t
                    return num
            for i in range(len(num)):
                minID = i
                if i == len(num) - 1:
                for j in range(i+1,len(num)):
                    if num[minID] > num[j]:
                        minID = j
                if minID == i:
                    t = num[i]
                    num[i] = num[j]
                    num[j] = t
            return num

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    you must have modified "def permutation(num)" which should be "def permutation(self, num)"

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