A simple and efficient recursive solution accepted as best in C, well-commented

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    //AC - 4ms;
    int findMin(int* nums, int size)
        if(size == 1) return nums[0];
        int mid = size/2;
        if(nums[mid] > nums[size-1]) return findMin(nums+mid+1, size-mid-1); //the condition itself can ensure the nums+mid+1 will be valid and as a result the size-mid-1 will be bigger than 1;
        else if(nums[mid] < nums[size-1]) return findMin(nums, mid+1); //the second parameter is size, so to cover nums+mid the size will be mid+1;
            int l = findMin(nums, mid);
            int r = findMin(nums+mid, size-mid); //there is no condition like above situation;
            return l > r? r : l;

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