Java 5 line solution,easy to understand

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    public int computeArea(int A, int B, int C, int D, int E, int F, int G, int H) {
    	int area1 = Math.abs((D-B)*(C-A));
    	int area2 = Math.abs((G-E)*(H-F));
    	int repeat_h = Math.max(B,F)>Math.min(D,H) ? 0 : Math.min(D,H)-Math.max(B, F);
    	int repeat_w = Math.max(A,E)>Math.min(C,G) ? 0 : Math.min(C,G)-Math.max(A, E);
        return area1+area2-(repeat_h*repeat_w);

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    The first two lines can be simplified:
    int res = (C-A)(D-B) + (G-E)(H-F);
    Abs is not necessary, cause your algorithm including the way to calculate repeated part is valid if only the triangle is given correctly

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    This is not easy to understand at all LOL

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