An intuitive and simple solution accepted as best submission in C enclosed with comments

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    //AC - 0ms;
    int* spiralOrder(int** matrix, int rSize, int cSize)
        int count = 0;
        int size = rSize*cSize;
        int *arr = (int*)malloc(sizeof(int)*size);
        int rmin=0, rmax=rSize-1;
        int cmin=0, cmax=cSize-1;
        while(count < size)
            for(int c = cmin; c <= cmax; c++) //from left to right including the last;
                arr[count++] = matrix[rmin][c];
            if(count == size) break; //only one row;
            for(int r = rmin+1; r <= rmax; r++) //from top to bottom including the last;
                arr[count++] = matrix[r][cmax];
            if(count == size) break; //only one column;
            for(int c = cmax-1; c >= cmin; c--) //from right to left including the last;
                arr[count++] = matrix[rmax][c];
            for(int r = rmax-1; r > rmin; r--) //from bottom to top excluding the last;
                arr[count++] = matrix[r][cmin];
            rmin++; rmax--; cmin++; cmax--;
        return arr;

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