~800ms Ruby solution

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    def max_product(words)
            bit_map = Hash[words.sort!{|w1, w2| w1.length <=> w2.length}.map {|w| [w.chars.uniq.reduce(0) {|acc, c| acc |= (1 << (c.ord - 'a'.ord))}, w.length]}]
            bit_map.keys.flat_map { |k1|
                bit_map.keys.map { |k2|
                    k1 & k2 == 0 ? bit_map[k1] * bit_map[k2] : 0
            }.max || 0

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    This solution is certainly clean and easy to follow, but it really takes advantage of Ruby's beautiful syntax, which hides a lot of complexity and inefficiency behind the scenes. For example, chars.uniq is not very performant and adds space complexity. All-in-all, though...great freekin job! Clearest answer I've come across yet. My solution worked, but failed the ridiculous input at the end which resulted in an overall failure.

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