My Java solution using DP with memorization (beats about 98% submissions)

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    public int minPathSum(int[][] grid) {
        int[][] memo = new int[grid.length][grid[0].length];
        return minPathSumHelper(grid, 0, 0, memo);
    public int minPathSumHelper(int[][] grid, int row, int col, int[][] memo) {
        if(row == grid.length-1 && col == grid[0].length-1) return grid[row][col];
        if(memo[row][col] != 0) return memo[row][col];
        int rowInc = Integer.MAX_VALUE, colInc = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
        if(row < grid.length-1) rowInc = minPathSumHelper(grid, row+1, col, memo);
        if(col < grid[0].length-1) colInc = minPathSumHelper(grid, row, col+1, memo);
        memo[row][col] = Math.min(rowInc, colInc) + grid[row][col];
        return memo[row][col];

    Use a 2D array named memo to remember value which is calculated before to speed up.

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    This is a method to find the minimum sum from the last index of the matrix. I wonder why it runs so fast?

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    I wonder too!

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    I would like to know why this is faster than other DP methods.

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