Quite ugly python soltion

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    def deleteDuplicates(self, head):
        cur, newhead = head, None
        temp = newhead
        while cur:
            curnext = cur.next
            while curnext and curnext.val == cur.val:
                curnext = curnext.next            
            if not newhead or newhead==cur:
                newhead = cur if cur.next == curnext else curnext          <--assign new head                    
                temp = newhead    
                temp.next = cur if cur.next == curnext and  cur!=temp else curnext
                if temp.next and temp.next.next and temp.next.val != temp.next.next.val:
                    temp = temp.next                                 <-- append node to unique list
            cur = curnext
        return newhead

    Creating a new head and appending a node are the two main events. Kind of hacky but accepted solution

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