Java DFS + DP clean solution

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    The basic backtracking idea is straightforward, find a possible break point and then recursively call the suffix of the original string. The trick is that we use a map to keep the previous result which will terminate the recursion early to make sure we don't get TLE.

    public class Solution {
        public List<String> wordBreak(String s, Set<String> dict) {
            return dfs(s, dict, new HashMap<>());
        public List<String> dfs(String s, Set<String> dict, Map<String, List<String>> memo){
            if(memo.containsKey(s)) {
                return memo.get(s);
            List<String> res = new ArrayList<>();
            if(s == null || s.length() == 0) {
                return res;
            int n = s.length();
            for(String w : dict) {
                if(!s.startsWith(w)) {
                int end = w.length();
                if(end == n) {
                } else {
                    List<String> sublist = dfs(s.substring(end), dict, memo);
                    for(String item : sublist) {
                        item = w + " " + item;
            memo.put(s, res);
            return res;

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    This is a worked solution from all the other top post,
    Using memo to reduce the time of doing DFS is nice

    Nice and easy understand solution

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