Why my python solution only passes 30/31 test cases? Any help here?

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    Very short recursion algorithm. I think it should be correct. But on the last test case it gave the wrong answer, not TLE.

    class Solution(object):
    def lowestCommonAncestor(self, root, p, q):
        Solution.node = None
        def dfs(root, p, q):
            if not root: return 0
                res = dfs(root.left,p,q)+dfs(root.right,p,q) + (root.val == p.val or root.val == q.val)
                if res == 2 and not Solution.node: 
                    Solution.node = root
                return res
        return Solution.node

    OK Now I get it, should change the mid line to

    (root == p or root == q)

    not comparing to the .val. Yes there could be duplicates here.

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