Recursive solution accepted beating 100% submissions with 20ms in C

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    void traverse(struct TreeNode* root, struct TreeNode** pre, struct TreeNode** first, struct TreeNode** second)
        if(!root) return ;
        traverse(root->left, pre, first, second);
        if((*pre) && (*pre)->val>root->val) //check whether the previous node is abnormal in in-order traversal;
            if(!(*first)) //if *first is never used then it should be used to store the bigger; 
            *second = root; //the two swapped nodes can be adjacent and distant;
        *pre = root; //store the previous node in in-order traversal;
        traverse(root->right, pre, first, second);
    //AC - 20ms;
    void recoverTree(struct TreeNode* root)
        struct TreeNode *first=NULL, *second=NULL, *pre=NULL;
        traverse(root, &pre, &first, &second);
            int t = first->val;
            first->val = second->val;
            second->val = t;

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