*Java* how do you think about this one, good or bad?

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    I don't see this solution, so here it is.

    Idea: use one stack to store all elements in reversed order. So whenever push an item, reverse current stack and push new item into a temporary stack, afterwards, reverse the temporary stack and save it into the original stack.

    class MyQueue {
    Deque<Integer> stack = new ArrayDeque<>();
    public void push(int x) {
        Deque<Integer> temp = new ArrayDeque<>();
        while(!stack.isEmpty()) {
        while(!temp.isEmpty()) {
    // Removes the element from in front of queue.
    public void pop() {
    // Get the front element.
    public int peek() {
        return stack.peek();
    // Return whether the queue is empty.
    public boolean empty() {
        return stack.isEmpty();

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