Question about the last two parameters in C

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    I have a question about the method signature of C:

    int** generate(int numRows, int** columnSizes, int* returnSize)

    Q1: The second parameter stores the number of columns in each row, is that right?
    If so, why should it be two-dimensional instead of one-dimensional?
    I think that one-dimension is enough?

    Q2: As for the third parameter, it simply stores the number of rows, which is exactly the same as the first parameter. Then, why we need the value that seems like a duplicated information?

    Thanks for your time and it would be grate to hear from you.

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    Q1: Yes. This is because the pointer int * is passed in using a pointer int ** so it allows you to allocate a 1D array like this in your function:

    *columnSizes = (int *) malloc(sizeof(int) * col_size);

    If columnSizes was passed in using int *, then if you attempt to assign the reference to 1D array like this:

    columnSizes = (int *) malloc(sizeof(int) * col_size);

    You are assigning the reference to the copy of the pointer being passed in, and therefore the caller won't know about the 1D array you allocated.

    Q2: Yes for this question it is duplicated information. This is due to the design such that it is generic and work for all other cases. I will work on removing this duplicate parameter. Thanks for pointing it out.

    I have removed the duplicate third parameter. Please click the refresh button just above the code editor to get the updated default code definition.

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