Clear and Easy 12 Line Java Solution

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    public List<Interval> insert(List<Interval> is, Interval ni) {
    	int i = 0;
    	int start = ni.start, end = ni.end;
    	while (i < is.size() && ni.start > is.get(i).end)
    	while (i < is.size() && ni.end >= is.get(i).start) {
    		start = Math.min(is.get(i).start, start);
    		end = Math.max(is.get(i).end, end);
    	is.add(i, new Interval(start, end));
    	return is;

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    maybe use binary search to find the i in the first while loop will be faster. But your codes are indeed clean and easy to understand. Good job. Thx

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