C++ 12ms solution with simple explanation

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    class Solution {
    int findDuplicate(vector<int>& nums) {

            return -1;
        // Here we will use a marking strategy to identify the duplicate
        // Specifically we will mark the number at the array position of 
        // a visited item as -ve (e.g we will mark nums[2] as -nums[2] 
        // when we encounter a 2 while iterating over the array elements)
        // Then if we ever encounter the same number again and the value
        // at that position (say 2 as in the above example) in the array is -ve - we know its a duiplicate.
        // This is guaranteed by the fact that all numbers are between 1 and n (i.e nothing is -ve in the begining)
        // and that there is only 1 duplicate (which is why we can bail out as soon as we find one and not have to save anything
        // there by meeting the requirements in the question. 
        for(int i=0;i<nums.size();++i)
            // Computing the absolute value once reduce runtime from  >20ms to 12ms 
            int absoluteValueAtNumsIthPosition = std::abs(nums[i]);
            if(nums[absoluteValueAtNumsIthPosition ] > 0)
                nums[absoluteValueAtNumsIthPosition ] = -nums[absoluteValueAtNumsIthPosition ];
                return absoluteValueAtNumsIthPosition ;


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    Anyone voting down on this solution - can you please add a line of comment as to why you are voting down ?

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    I haven't voted it down however I believe that the main problem is that you are changing the array whereas it clearly states not to do so. Goodluck!

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