Java O(1) Solution for Positive and Negative numbers

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    Even though question asks answer for non-negative integer, this one works for +ve and -ve numbers.
    I referred this code on stackoverflow.

    Note: Negative numbers have digit sum as negative number. If positive digit sum needed for negative numbers then Math.abs() can be used while returning result.

    public class Solution {
        public int addDigits(int num) {
            return 1 + (num-1)%9;

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    Nice code!

    This code will not work however for negative mutiples of 9 e.g. -9, -18 etc.

    Following simple modification of your code can work for all cases:

    public static int addDigitsAlt(int num) {
    if(num>=0) return 1 + (num-1)%9;
    else return - 1 + (num+1)%9;

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