C++ easy solution, no memory leak problem!

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    ListNode* deleteDuplicates(ListNode* head) {
        ListNode* dummy = new ListNode(0);
        dummy->next = head;
        ListNode* cur = dummy;
        while (cur->next && cur->next->next) {
            if (cur->next->val == cur->next->next->val) {
                ListNode* trash = cur->next;
                cur->next = cur->next->next;
                delete trash;
            } else {
                cur = cur->next;
        head = dummy->next;
        delete dummy;
        return head;

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    not sure if this really handle the memory leak;

    in your if condition, you first made a duplicate of node(cur->next) named "trash", then you just deleted the duplicate without considering the real cur-> next still exist. maybe you can use & instead of * in the code.

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