Interesting result in c++

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    When printing out the value of some calculation:

    log(243)/log(3) gives 5

    floor(log(243)/log(3)) gives 4

    floor(5) gives 5


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    I tried in python 2.7.10. I think the result is the same in c++.

    In [2]: import math

    In [3]: math.log(243)
    Out[3]: 5.493061443340548

    In [4]: math.log(3)
    Out[4]: 1.0986122886681098

    In [5]: math.log(243)/math.log(3)
    Out[5]: 4.999999999999999

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    Maybe you can try "round" instead of "floor".

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    It possibly turns out to be 4.9999999999 due to round off errors in floating point arithmetic, floor() of which is 4.

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