6 lines java solution O(n) space with explanation

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    public int numDistinct(String s, String t) {
        int[] dp = new int[t.length()];
        for(int i=0; i<s.length(); i++)
            for(int j=t.length()-1; j>=0; j--)
                if(s.charAt(i) == t.charAt(j))
                    dp[j] = ( j==0 ? 1 : dp[j-1]) + dp[j];
        return dp[t.length()-1];

    define dp[i][j] as total distinct strings [0,j] of T in [0,i] of S,
    then there are two cases:

    1. dp[i][j] = dp[i-1][j] ,which means we can find [0,j] in [0,i-1].
    2. dp[i][j] = dp[i-1][j] + dp[i-1][j-1] if T[j] = S[i], either we can find [0,j] in [0,i-1], or find [0,j-1] in [0,i-1] with T[i] = S[i].

    with optimization, use one dimension and iterate back forward then

    1. dp[i] = dp[i]
    2. dp[i] = dp[i] + dp[i-1]

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    Can you explain why it's backward in the one dimension solution? Thanks

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