Runtime error while submitting, which works fine in case of custom input : but fails when I try to submit solution.

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    struct TreeNode* buildTreeRecursive(int* preorder, int* inorder, int inorderSize) {
        struct TreeNode* root;
        if (inorderSize <= 0) return NULL;
        root = (struct TreeNode*) malloc (sizeof(struct TreeNode));
        root->val = preorder[preorderIndex];
        printf("root val = %d, preorderIndex = %d, preorder 1st element = %d, inorderSize = %d\n", root->val, preorderIndex, preorder[0], inorderSize);
        if (inorderSize == 1) return root;
        //Finding index in inorder.
        int inorderIndex = indexSearch(inorder, inorderSize, root->val);
        printf("inorderIndex = %d\n", inorderIndex);
        root->left = buildTreeRecursive(preorder, inorder, inorderIndex);
        root->right = buildTreeRecursive(preorder, inorder + inorderIndex + 1, inorderSize - inorderIndex -1);
        return root;    

    When I try to submit its shows runtime error for this test case :

    Last executed input:

    It works fine when I run through custom test case. Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong here ?

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