Very easy to understand, single pass, in place C++ without nested dereferences

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    This solution has been designed in order to minimize pointer dereferences, that can be sources of bugs ( It has Zero nested dereferences) .It passed indeed with no error with the first try.

    ListNode* oddEvenList(ListNode* head) 
        ListNode dummy_even{0}, dummy_odd{0};
        ListNode *even_head=&dummy_even, *odd_head=&dummy_odd;
        bool is_odd = true;
        while ( head )
            if (is_odd) {
                odd_head->next = head;
                odd_head = head;
            } else {
                even_head->next = head;
                even_head = head;
            head = head->next;
            is_odd = !is_odd;
        even_head->next = 0;
        odd_head->next =;

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