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    I mistake the function of


    This function will partition the array into 3 parts auto.

    At the first glance, it is easy to come up with the sorting solution to find the mean-val, then we just partition the number into three parts. We need to update the array element . But I believe we can just update the array triple-wise. Not just to assign the resulting element costing O(n) space.
    For example, if we want to use the insert function, but it is not the in-place algorithm.

    class Solution {
        void wiggleSort(vector<int>& nums) {
            int len=nums.size();
            //O(n) time to find the mean_val
            nth_element(nums.begin(), nums.begin()+len/2, nums.end());
            //partition the nums into 3 parts
            help(nums, nums[len/2]);
            //assign the value to the result arrary
            vector<int> result(nums.size());
            for(int i=0, smallEnd=len/2; i<nums.size(); i+=2, --smallEnd)   result[i]=nums[smallEnd];
            for(int i=1, largeEnd=nums.size()-1; i<=nums.size()-1; i+=2, --largeEnd)  result[i]=nums[largeEnd];
        //partition the number smaller than val on the left partition
        //the number equal to the val in the middle partition
        //the number bigger than the val in the right partition
        void help(vector<int>& nums, int val){
            //i record the max index gurrante that the nums[i] < val
            //n record the min index gurrante that the nums[i] > val
            //j record the end of the number equal to the val
            for(int i=0, j=0, n=nums.size()-1; j<=n; ){
                if(nums[j] < val){
                    swap(nums[i++], nums[j++]);
                }else if(nums[j] > val){
                    swap(nums[j], nums[n--]);

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