10-line Python solution, 104 ms

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    Use an infinite vertical line x to scan from left to right. If max height changes, record [x, height] in res. Online judge is using Python 2.7.9 and there's no max heap's push and pop method, so we can use a min heap hp storing -H as "max heap". Thanks to this discussion, set comprehension is faster and shorter than list(set((R, 0, None) for L, R, H in buildings)).

    def getSkyline(self, buildings):
        events = sorted([(L, -H, R) for L, R, H in buildings] + list({(R, 0, None) for _, R, _ in buildings}))
        res, hp = [[0, 0]], [(0, float("inf"))]
        for x, negH, R in events:
            while x >= hp[0][1]: 
            if negH: 
                heapq.heappush(hp, (negH, R))
            if res[-1][1] + hp[0][0]: 
                res += [x, -hp[0][0]],
        return res[1:]

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    @kitt Great solution, which is built on an earlier great solution, which is built on an earlier great solution. I didn't follow some of the first discussions about this problem but this goes to show that even the most seemingly complex situations can be condensed down into something simple and elegant by improving what has been done before.

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