Does anyone have better C solution? Time Limit Exceed

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    bool wordBreak(char* s, char** wordDict, int wordDictSize) {
    int i;
    int WordLength;

    for (i = 0; i < wordDictSize; i++){
        WordLength = strlen(wordDict[i]);
        if (memcmp(s, wordDict[i], WordLength) == 0){
            if (strlen(s+WordLength) != 0) {
                if (wordBreak(s+WordLength, wordDict, wordDictSize)){ return true;}
                return true;
    return false;


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    Dynamic programming:

    Create a set ( a hash set is the best, or at least a list ) to record each sub-string that failed to break by the dictionary, and when you meet that sub-string again, just check the set and no need to do recursion again.

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